Forget Hustle… Choose Inspired Action

Hustlers that work hard 24/7 are not more successful. Usually they are exhausted, drained and maybe even frustrated. I was. And got to the point where I was tired of feeling tired…

Many of us grew up believing that working hard is the way to go. That you have to choose between building a business and having a social life or having fun. That you have to force things to happen by keep pushing and pushing.

Can you make money and have a successful business hustling like that? Sure you can…

But the thing is, most of us (me included) want not just the successful business and making a shit ton of money, but want the lifestyle. Want to be happy, live in joy, in alignment, with plenty of time to everything we want and love that is not work related.

Hustling like mad comes from limiting beliefs that relate to lack and scarcity, that most probably came from parents, friends, spouses, educational and/or religious systems, etc. They were not even yours to begin with, you just acquired them from other people because they were the “reality” in which you were living in.

Like you have to make choices otherwise you won’t have what you want. But how can you choose between one thing or the other, if you want them both? If both the business AND an amazing lifestyle are aligned with your truth?

The thing is, you don’t have to choose between anything. When you finally “wake up” to the fact that you are the creator of your life, and you step out of that place of lack and scarcity, “having to make choices” and hustling don’t exist anymore.

Because… you are now living in ABUNDANCE mindset! Where you don’t have to choose between a thrilling business OR your health and happiness.

It was when I finally got rid of my old limiting beliefs of hustling and started to live and work from inspired action that my business and life flourished.

Living from inspired action is basically listening to yourself. To how you feel, honouring what you want. You work in co-creation with the Universe. You act from alignment and inspiration and do work that feels good. You stop when you are tired and take care of yourself.

Basically, you are in the flow of life.

Because the Universe wants you to share your gifts with the world but wants you to be happy too and have a fulfilling life. They’re not mutually exclusive.