Promote Your Blog By Showing Who You Are

Are you really passionate about blogging and sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world but doesn’t feel the same about showing yourself and who you are?

Do you not show yourself fully on social media, hiding behind a blog brand name?

Or maybe when you show yourself, you secretly hope no one will see it, affraid of getting criticized or judged?

I do see many amazing bloggers with amazing blogs, delivering kick-ass value through their work but not growing as much as they could because they are scared of showing themselves.

The truth is, the most successful bloggers (as in influencers, with a strong following, making a shit ton of money) they ALL are successful because they show themselves every single day. They are proud of who they are and what they do.

No they are not perfect, quite the contrary. It is exactly by sharing their true stories and by being raw and vulnerable that their audience can resonate and connect with them.

So, whilst sharing your blog posts and your products/services on social media and other outlets is great, you need to show your audience the real YOU behind it.

I can tell you this because I have experienced it myself, in the past I used to hide behind a brand and a branded exposure, affraid I wasn’t good enough to show myself. Basically, holding on to limiting beliefs.

I have been in a massive spiritual journey of growth and empowerment and part of that is getting out of my comfort zone. And guess what, all the hiding was my comfort zone.

I wanted to grow my business, expand myself, share my gifts, help more people, but I was limiting myself. So, everything that was comign my way was also limited: the clients, the following, the reach, the money, etc.

I always said I didn’t want to be famous. But playing small didn’t bring me anything and only got me stuck, frustrated and resentful.

Eventually through working on myself and doing my inner work to get rid of limiting beleifs and let the real me come out, I change my perception of how things are.

I started to identify famous with reach, impact, and influence. The opportunity to help more people with my gifts.

Playing small is a ridiculous disservice to the world!

Because if we want to have everything we deserve and want, we need to think BIG. We need to realize that we are good enough as we are and is by showing ourselves in a genuine and honest way that the right people will show up in our lives and businesses.

Sure, marketing techniques and tactics are great, but what truly matters at the end of the day is having your audience resonating with you.

Sure, it is scary to be vulnerable and show yourself openly, but that’s exactly how we grow.

How to promote your blog by showing yourself

Share your heart out

I share my heart online with my audience every day when I show up on social media.

I tell them not just how to get a pin to become viral or about the latest amazing WordPress plugin, but I share what I am doing, what I am thinking, how I keep myself in a high vibration, my lifestyle, my wins and my struggles too.

And the combination os all that is what truly resonates with the people that subscribe my newsletter, buy my stuff or want to work with me. They get to know me as a person.

Tell stories about yourself

In your blog posts, in your social media presence, give real life examples of how you overcame something, how you feel about a situation, what happened when you visit here or there.

People love to know your stories because they can identify with the emotions associated with it.

I often share how I went through a very rough period in my life many years ago and how becoming a mom and looking at my baby girl gave me the strenght to continue and connect with my intuition and inner truth.

And guess what, I have many mompreneurs who follow me on social media and subscribe my newsletter, that are going through the same, or have gone through the same and they resonate with my story and identify with it.

Because when you share who you are and your stories, and open yourself to the world, you find your tribe. Or your tribe finds you. Or probably you meet half way.

Your readers, followers or clients exist and are already there, just waiting for you to show up fully. Because you need to show up fully first, and then they appear. Law of attraction, right!?

And that’s how you make money from your blog and your business: by being yourself and showing your unique energy to the world.

That’s also when the right people show up, amazing opportunites appear, and suddenly your life changes and you expand.

You’ll also become more creative, have more ideas and more motivation to act on them. It’s all about expansion of self.

I love to give tips and advice about blogging and using Pinterest and growing your business, but this blog post I am writing today is all about MINDSET.

We need to step into the right mindset in order to expand our blog, businesses and our life in general.


  1. Helpwithmath

    Thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

  2. Enstine Muki

    Hey Carla,
    This is great value.
    The simple truth is that people connect with real people. That’s the human programming and it explains why you growth becomes tremendous once you start sharing your heart out and telling your story.

    Hope you are having a great weekend

  3. Ryan K Biddulph

    Carla I love this. 1000% of my alley. Showing who you are helps people relate to you, connect with you and trust you. Fabulous post.

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