How To Mindfully Choose Your Soulmate Clients

It’s very normal at the beginning of starting your own business (especially if you deliver a service), to accept working with anyone that wants to work with you.

This can be due to a lot of things: lack of experience, a lack mindset that tells you you have to accept a client because otherwise you’ll have none, and sometimes even a bit of lack of self-esteem when you accept working with people that are clearly not the best match for your interests.

To me, having my own business equals having the lifestyle I choose, working the way I want and choosing the clients I feel inspired to help. My soulmate clients.

The ones that are fully 100% aligned with your business, goals and values. That are a pleasure to work with, and that are going to help you grow and expand, at the same time you help them do the same.

So, how do you choose the right clients?

I have been running and growing my own social media and blogging business for years, so I believe I’ve come to a point where is fairly easy to see if a potential client is aligned with me or not.

Here are a few tips:

1. Listen to your Intuition

Any heart-centered entrepreneur listens to and trusts their intuition deeply. More than facts, more than what others tell them. They go within and listen to their inner voice.

So, if a potential client approaches you, check how their energy makes you feel. What your gut instinct tells you.

Do not ask your friends, your partner or your dog. Ask yourself how do you feel.

If it’s a resounding “f*** no”, listen and honour that. This is your inner wisdom trying to tell you everything you need to say no and avoid future problems.

It it’s a resounding yes, go ahead.

If you’re not sure, just take some time to check with yourself. Or visit their website, ask them questions, see if you are on the same page. That will also give you more info to check on your intuition further.

2. Know your non-negotiables

It is your business. So you make the rules and how you want it to be.

It doesn’t matter if others say you’re picky, or crazy, or whatever. They are not in your shoes and this is not about others. It’s about you and building your empire on your own terms.

Decide what are the rates/fees you are happy to work with.

Decide what work you want to do.

Decide how many hours you wish to dedicate to each client per week.

Decide where do you want to work.

Decide who is your ideal client, their goals, vision, values.

Write all of this down and check with the list regularly.

I’m not saying this is all set-in-stone. A business is an organic thing, and it will grow, change and evolve as you grow, change and evolve.

But those changes need to come from an aligned and inspired place. Not to accommodate other people’s expectations or demands that are not aligned with you.

So, for example if a potential client wants you to lower their rates “because they cannot afford your services”, do not lower them if that makes you feel bad.

Everyone is capable and money is a renewable energy. When you say no, you’re holding the space for them to step up and level up to meet you where you are.

It’s not you who have to lower and level down to meet them, because that is disrespectful to yourself and will bring a lot of problems with it.

After all, you worked hard within to come to this point. Honour and respect that.

If they wish to meet you where you are fine, if they don’t, fine as well. It wouldn’t be a match anyway. Maybe they’re not a match right now, but they’ll come back in the future. Maybe not.

Either way, you stay in alignment with who you are and the vision you have for your business.

3. Ask the right questions

It is important to ask the right questions to potential clients, so you know you are (or not) on the same page.

For example about their goals, their expectations (very important), and what they want to achieve.

They might need help in some areas but they know the end goals.

And most importantly, they are ready and committed to their growth and willing to invest in their businesses or themselves.

Because that’s what they are doing. They’are paying you for your gifts to help them.

So, make a list of questions that are important to you.

For me one of my biggest questions is asking if they are willing to be patient to see results from social media and watch it grow over time. Their response tells me what I need to know if we’re a match or not.

4. Stay in a mindset of abundance

When you are on a place of lack and scarcity, you believe anything goes, so you accept any client even if you feel is the wrong one, because you are affraid of ending up with nothing.

In the beginning of my business I used to accept working with clients that wanted to use social media to do fast sales, even if they are just starting with social media.

Because I was still in that mindset of lack, I thought I’ve had to accept working with them, even if their goals are not aligned with how I work.

Social media is a place to create relationships, interaction, engagement, reputation, trust, that later on will translate into sales. But it is not a quick fix to get sales fast.

So, I ended up having lots of issues with these clients, working hard, getting lots of growth and engagement for their social media pages to which they didn’t give any value whatsoever because they were only focused on numbers and didn’t give a s*** to their audience.

When I changed my mindset to a place of abundance, the game totally changed. I could smell these clients from afar and tell them a big resounding no earlier on. Eventually they even stopped appearing in my reality and I started manifesting clients that know what it takes to be successful on social media, that want to invest time and money and care about their audience and in delivering value to them.

That’s also when my business started to bloom and expand.

And guess what, the more I said no to the other type of clients, the more energetic space I was opening in my life for my soulmate clients to come to me.

Because there is an abundance of clients that need your services exactly the way you do them. Exactly the way you believe and feels good to you.

You just need to feel the space being cleared and open for them to meet you half way.