5 Things That Are Preventing You To Make Money From Your Blog

Wanting to make money from a blog is not just about the money per se, is about the lifestyle associated with it.

It’s about the freedom. The freedom to be yourself, to buy whatever you want, to go where you want when you want, to be the boss of your life.

Yes it is totally possible to turn a blog into a business and make a shit ton of money with it.

I’ve done it and I’m not special or have any magical gifts (ok all right we all have magical gifts), but what I mean is that it is possible to every person.

What I see though from working with bloggers that want to make money from their blogs and feel lost is not that they lack the right tools or tacticts, but the lack is in their MINDSET.

In order to make money from your blog, first you need to stay in alignment with it. Your mindset needs to be the right one for it.

So, here are 5 things that are preventing you from making money from your blog:

1. You don’t see your blog as a business

Maybe is your spouse, your parents or your friends that tell you that blogging is not a real job and you’ll never make money from it. And you believe them.

Because you believe that, you don’t see your blog as a business. You see it a hobby, a part-time thing, a dream of yours.

This is a limiting belief that is blocking you from up-leveling.

That limiting belief comes from fear. Fear that you’ll never be able to make money from your blog, that you are not good enough, that you don’t know how, etc. So you don’t allow yourself to grow.

And maybe you’re not even showing up fully in your blog or even on social media.

How to overcome it: first of all, surround yourself with people that uplift you, that encourage and support you. Second, listen to your inner truth. Even if no ones believes that is possible, you know it is for you and this is your journey, not theirs.

Although I believe that creating and running a business should be fun and enjoyable, it also needs to be taken seriously. You need to take your dreams, goals and business seriously and respect it.

2. You are not allowing things to develop

It’s great to research how to make money from your blog and see what other successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs are doing, but sometimes you can get too stuck on one way or another.

Let’s say you found out that doing affiliate links is a great way of making money through blogging and you have 2 or 3 successful bloggers in your niche that are killing it that way.

That is great and you can let that inspire you, but getting stuck in just that way of making money might be preventing you to allow things to develop for you, and actually see other ways of making money that might work much better for you!

How to overcome it: You need to keep an open mind at all times. There are a gazillion ways of making money from your blog, not just affiliate marketing or any other 2 or 3 ways.

So, research more, look for other bloggers in other niches too, check the latest online trends.

Listen, not long ago I was doing general social media marketing. I was doing everything for my clients: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. And although I was making good money from it, I wasn’t making the money I am now. Why? Because I wasn’t allowing things to develop, I believed I have to do it all to be successful.

Finally I decided to listen to myself and follow my passion which I am really good at: Pinterest marketing. And that’s when my business really took off and I started manifesting amazing clients and amazing money!

And hey, I always secretly hated Twitter and Linkedin. lol

3. You are trying too hard

Sometimes we want so badly to make good money from our blog that we might think we need to hustle 24/7 and work hard in order to achieve it.

To me the most important thing in my life is to enjoy it fully. And I do not enjoy it if I’m tired and not feeling inspired, but still continue to force myself to work.

I have done that in the distant past and used to feel exhausted and even resentful, and could even hear the crickets in my bank account.

How to overcome it: your focus needs to be in creating a lifestyle that works for you and that you enjoy. Money doesn’t come from hard work and hustle, it comes from staying in a place of JOY and inspired action.

For example, I have been wanting to write this blog post for quite some time but still didn’t feel it completely. In the past I would have forced myself to sit down and write it. But now I know better, I let it stay marinating in my mind.

This morning after I took my little girl to school, I went for a walk along the canal near my house, and it just CLICKED! Out of nowhere, the ideas to write this post were there. I felt inspired!

So I came back home and sit down to write this post. It feels goooood! And I’m sure you are enjoying much more reading this with the amazing energy I am writing it, rather than with a drained energy if I had forced myself to write it before.

And that’s also how many of my blog posts went viral on Pinterest and reached the eyeballs of the amazing soulmate clients I have! I just acted from inspired guidance and respected my energy.

And very often that’s what happens: when you leave your laptop and go have fun and do other things, that’s when you have the best ideas for your blog. Carry a notebook with you to write them down.

4. You lack patience and trust

There’s something inside you that doesn’t fully trust that you can make money online from your blog.

You also lack the patience necessary to let things happen and unfold as they should, and that creates an enormous amount of resistance.

How to overcome it: listen, just because it’s not in your physical reality right now, doesn’t mean it will not happen.

You need to trust that just because you desire it, that means you can have it and it is already a reality. And you need to have patience to let things unfold.

I see many bloggers with amazing content giving up after a few months just because they are not making any money and they think they should be making 50k every month already, and that they failed.

Don’t compare yourself with other people, especially the ones that tell you to “buy this course and you’ll make 50k from your blog in 2 weeks”. Yeah, maybe they will by selling that course, right!?

Everyone has a different timeline, and a blog and a business is an organic thing. It will grow and evolve as you grow and evolve.

When you fully trust your vision and what you want to create, you’ll focus more on the present moment and in enjoying it, and the patience to keep going just comes naturally, because you are “in the flow”.

5. You have an imbalance between giving and receiving

Most bloggers are completely passionate about their blogs and what they write or talk about.

They love to share their knowledge and experience with the world about specific subjects. That is amazing, and is the nature of blogging really, when you give value to others and help them in some way.

But, your blog is still a business.

So you need to be in the energy of giving, but also in the energy of receiving as well.

And in this case by receiving I mean money. Because money is energy, and when you allow yourself to receive money from your blog, you are receiving back the energy you are putting out. And that’s the flow of life and how you build a successful business!

Clear any blocks you might have about receiving money you want and deserve. Work with a money and business coach if you need to. See money as a buddy, because money is connected to expansion in this world.

The more money you have, the more you expand and the more you have (in things and experiences) to share with others.

For example, if you are a travel blogger, you’ll be able to travel to more places.  If you’re a fashion blogger, you’ll be able to go to fashion shows around the world. If you’re a yoga and well-being blogger, you’ll be able to go to yoga retreats and other events and write about it. Get the idea?

I just want to finish by saying that you also need to optimize your blog posts and/or vblogs to show your business. Include your products or services in your posts, add links, promote the shit out of your business!

In other words, BE FULLY VISIBLE! The world needs you.