Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: This Is Your Number 1 Tip On Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful place for heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners to find their “tribe” and connect with the right people that can become amazing clients.

But for many it can feel quite confused and daunting on what exactly to do. Should you have a page, a group, do paid adverts, and when?

So, although of course every spiritual business is different and there is no “one size fits all” formula – in my 1:1 coaching I always have a tailored approach with every client I work with -, ther are some things that work extremelly well on Facebook, over time.

And since on a heart-centered business the approach needs to be on showing yourself fully, authentically and consistently, this is my number 1 tip on Facebook that works AMAZINGLY well:

Do Facebook Lives!

If you dread facing a camera, you are missing a HUGE opportunity in your business.

There’s no written articles, paid adverts or posts that connect you to the right people as doing live videos.

When you go live, you are doing several things:

  • Showing yourself as you are in the moment
  • Being vulnerable and powerful at the same time
  • Connecting live with your audience, being able to respond to people in real time
  • Showing commitment to your business
  • Showing your energy and being transparent
  • Helping people with a specific subject
  • Being YOU!

All of this makes your right audience, your “tribe”, instantly connecting with you!

People that resonate with your energy and

Here are some tips do be successful on doing Facebook Lives:

Schedule it in advance

A few hours (or even days) before, post on your group or page that you are going live to talk about (insert subject).

You can say something like: “Going LIVE at 3pm GMT to talk about how we need to be in touch with our emotions”.

Just make sure you give it enough time so people can see your post. You can also create an event for it.

This will capture people’s attention and if the topic is interesting to them (which should be ebcasue they are following you, right), they will come to your group or page at that time to listening to you and interact.

Of course you can always do a spontaneous Facebook Live if you feel called and inspired to talk about something. I do that often myself and in fact as I write this I am having ideas popping up into my mind of things to talk about next, but scheduling it in advance will increase the number of people watching your live.

You can also schedule a specific day and time every week to do a live, so people get used to and know when to come back to your group/page to watch.

Choose Subjects That Inspire Both You and Your Audience

If you are connected and following inspired guidance, what you talk about will come to you.

You will feel called to go live to talk about specific subjects and topics, either because the idea pops up into your mind, because you talk about it with one of your clients and you feel that more people would benefit from the advice you are giving them, etc, etc.

So, do not do Facebook Lives talking about random stuff just because you feel you need to show up because over the last week you didn’t.

In that case, better not do anything then because when you show up you need to feel really excited and inspired about the subject you are talking about.

Make It Simple

Do not think you need to be perfect to do a Facebook Live, as in perfect hair, make-up, a stunning scenario at the beach, making no mistakes whilst talking, etc.

In fact, what people really want to see and connect with is the real you. Of course you can do your hair and arrange a beatiful scenario if you feel good about it, but do not think for a minute that you have to postpone going live if you are feeling called to talk about something, just because you have no make-up on or whatever. Just pick up your phone and do it.

And talk like you are talking to a friend. Be honest, raw, vulnerable. Sneeze if you feel like it, tell people what you are up to on that day, how you are feeling, etc.

Before I started doing videos, I used to believe that myself, that everything needs to be perfect. The result? I’ve spent a long time doing nothing, because never everything was perfect.

Until the day I got fed up and I went live with messy hair, no make-up, no script about the topic I wanted to talk about. I just went there and opened my heart and talked spontaneously. And that was enough to break the ice.

I connected with people that resonated with what I wanted to share and just realised how much I have been missing!

So, my advice is just do it. Talk from the heart and the right people will feel you.

Insert a Call-to-Action

On your Facebook Lives, you can and should always insert a call-to-action, either during or at the end of your live.

For example, tell people about your services, a programme you have, a course, etc. Tell them more about it, how to buy/enrol and where to go.

This of course should come naturally. You talk about a specific subject and give good advice and tips to people, and then the call-to-action naturally follows, like: “if you want to take this further, have a look at my programme here”.

You can also add the link to your website/blog on the post so it makes it easier for people to click.

Upload it to Youtube and Your Website/Blog

Did you know that you can download your Facebook Lives to your computer and then upload them into Youtube?

And you can even then embed them too from Youtube to your website/blog.

I like to do this because this is very different from uploading a video straight into Youtube where you talk about something.

Facebook Lives have interaction! You are talking about a subject but you are also saying hello to people watching, responding to comments and questions, and that makes you sooooo much more approachable!

People watching not only will feel your energy and listen to your knowledge about something, but will also see how you interact with others (and possibly with them if they contact you).