Are You Using STORIES on Your Facebook Business Page to Reach More People? Here’s How!

If you are using Facebook or Instagram stories to share things about you and/or your business, know that you also have a Stories feature on your business page!

You need to go on your mobile app, go to your page, scroll down and you’ll find “Add to Story”.

This is not the same as going live! This is the stories that show up for only 24h!

Using Stories on your Facebook business page is a great way to show yourself “behind-the-scenes” of your business, add more value, and reach more people.

With the recent Facebook algorithm changes, FB is now putting more emphasis on the “social” of social media, and will be sharing more of your content to people that you interact and engage with.

So, doing stories from your business page is a great way to encourage more interaction and engagement with your followers and people who like your page, but are not seeing your posts.

Is also a great way to show yourself fully and be VISIBLE!

This is also a great way to be more spontaneous: you can share photos of yourself, of your products, you talking and giving tips and advice, share photos from events, places, things you are doing, etc.

You can also encourage interaction: ask people to comment, ask questions, or send you an email, and create the relationships that not only will make your content more visible on Facebook, but will help you grow your business!