Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur wanting to know how to use social media to connect and find your soulmate clients?

Do you desire to have a sound presence on social media but do it with ease and fun?

Are you fed up of trying social media marketing techiques and methods and want to do what really works for you?

Do you wish to have a presence on social media that works 24/7 for you, even if you are not there every day?

Do you feel ready to grow and thrive in your divine purpose business?

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are dedicated to use your gifts fully in order to be of service to others whilst doing work you love and be paid what you’re worth.

And using social media is a great way to reach and connect with your soul tribe, to increase the opportunity to help more people that need you in the exact way you can help them.

I understand very well how social media can feel overwhelming, because not only there are so many social media channels, but each one is different and so many things to understand.

It’s easy to feel lost and frustrated, I get it totally.

And trying hundreds of marketing methods and tactics from many different people that have “the ultimate social media method” and getting no where can make one easily feel disheartened.

Because the truth is, to heart-centered entrepreneurs, the way we use social media is completely different from a “traditional” business only focused on sales and numbers, very often never even caring who their clients are.

Of course you still have a business and want to sell and make money (and you should since money is related to our expansion in this world), but the focus on a spiritual business needs to be on connection.

And social media is great for that: a platform to reach and connect with the right people. To engage in meaningful conversations and create relationships.

Is a way of selling through delivering value and connecting. Of showing who you are, how you can be of value.

I have helped hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs across the world to rock their presence on social media.

And I am committed to help you do the same through this programme.

I have created this Guidebook where I tell you EVE-RY-THING about using social media for a spiritual business.

I put the emphasis on the SOCIAL of social media and make it really simple, so no more dodgy methods or tactics.

You’ll learn how to use social media with ease and fun, and with integrity and authenticity.

How to sell on social media without being salesy or sound pushy is a real concern for heart-centered entrepreneurs, and there’s where a lot of the confusion and struggle is.

Because you want to connect, you want to communicate, to engage with your soul tribe, but you also have to let them know about your products and services, right?

First of all, selling is absolutely of purpose and sacred. When you tell people on social media about your stuff, you’re allowing them to get the help they need, and allowing yourself to use your gifts.

And you can totally sell on social media from the heart. By focusing on delivering value and being of service.

And in this course, I’ll tell you exactly how to do that.

 In this Guidebook you’ll learn:
  • How to be strategic, set up social media goals and decide what you want
  • How to choose the best social media networks for your specific business (no, you do not have to be in all of them)
  • How to save time and focus on what brings you results
  • How to be authentic and show yourself fully
  • How to be in the right mindset and hold that amazing energy
  • The best tips and strategies for the top social media networks

In this guidebook, I cover Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my favourite platform, Pinterest.



You will also find guidance on blogging and website optimization, so you can convert readers and visitors into clients.



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Hi gorgeous!

I’m so excited about this Guidebook! It is my intention that you use it to bring you clarity and grow your business further through social media.

Over 10 years ago I left my last (of many) 9-5 soul crushing job to start my own social media marketing business, and never looked back.

As a spiritual entrepreneur myself, I have never related to the “traditional” marketing methods or tactics.

I knew that I wanted to help business owners using social media, but by putting the emphasis on “social” and on being authentic and from a place of integrity.

So I have been helping spiritual entrepreneurs like you to rock it on social media, help them connect with their soulmate clients in an aligned and fun way.

Today I live my life on my own terms, focused on joy and being of service.

I’m committed to use my unique gifts and to enjoy every single magical day, full of what and whom I love.

I was able to create a successful business, live in my dream house, travel to where I want when I want, and most importantly, give to my daughter the life she deserves too.

How do I know if this Guidebook is for me?

If you feel called to get this guidebook, if you feel it’s time to take the leap and start changing your life, even if it feels scary or that you are not fully prepared, this programme is for you.


My life is super busy. How will I have time to implement everything?

You can go at your own pace, and do what resonates with you. There’s no rush. You have the Guidebook forever and remember, social media is a marathon, not a quick race.



What can I expect from this Guidebook?

You’ll know how to use social media to grow your business in an aligned and fun way.


Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this Guidebook and I deeply believe in the principals in it. It’s up to you however to implement it in your business.


DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income, as that is particular to each person to make it happen.

Price: $45 – After purchase, you’ll receive an email with your Guidebook:

Reviews:“Ladies I got my book “From Invisible to Connected” ????. I’m loving it already. It’s juicy and full of good stuff. And I got a bonus ebook as well ??. This is totally a catch!

I just wanted to say it’s soooo worth it.

Thank you Carla ?

– Randa Ali (on the Facebook group)

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