The Number 1 Trick To Grow Your Instagram

One question I am asked a LOT is how to grow your presence on Instagram, your number of followers, but… targeted followers!

Because you want your followers to be the right people, your audience, your tribe! Not just random numbers on your account, right!?

So, this “trick” might be a bit time consuming, but it works AMAZINGLY well to grow any account.

Basically, you go on the search feature on Instagram and you do a search for your top keywords.

For example, if you sell yoga pants, you might want to try #yoga, #yogapants, #yogafashion, etc.

If you are a hotel in Tenerife, you search for #tenerife, #traveltotenerife, #hoteltenerife, #canaryislands, etc.

And then you need to engage with the people that are posting pictures using these hashtags and that can potentially like your products/services and buy from you.


So, how do you engage with them?


Like their pictures

Clicking like on their pictures is a great way to get noticed. Many people check who liked their stuff and this is especially relevant if you are clicking like on pictures from people that do not get that many likes.



Leave a comment

If you want to get further noticed, don’t just click like on their pictures, leave a comment as well.

But please don’t just write something like “so cool”, or “great”. Take the time to actually write something sincere and that encourages a response back.


Follow them

And, of course, follow them. Many people on Instagram will follow back too.


Respond to questions

Take the time to read what people are writing in their post descriptions.

This can not only lead to you leaving a better comment, but you can also find great opportunities.

For example, let’s say you have that hotel in Tenerife. And you find a picture of someone that wrote on the description “trying to find a great place to stay in Tenerife”.

That’s a great opportunity to step up and respond to them.


And believe me, so many businesses are so concerned with posting and with hashtags and etc, that they completely forget the purpose of a social media network: to CONNECT!

So, here you go, be the difference.

As I’ve said, implementing this trick can be a bit time consuming, but it works soooo well, especially if you are just starting on Instagram (or have been there for a while but feel stuck).

Try it and let me know how it goes! 🙂

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