How To Be A Mompreneur In 8 Simple Steps

So many moms are finding their inner power and completely transforming their lives.

They are finally listening to their soul call and following their dreams of having their own business as a mompreneur, be of service to others, making a shit ton of money in the process and have the lifestyle they always wanted.

It all starts with being in the right mindset.

Very often we spent far too many years in a mindset of lack and scarcity, and living from limiting beliefs that weren’t even ours and came from parents, educational systems, spouses, etc.

In order to have the business and life you always wanted (and always deserved!), and be the badass lady boss you are, you need to change into a mindset of abundance and self-love – for the rest of your life!

So in this article I’m about to tell you the 8 key things to do just that. These are things that I’ve done myself and I know will help you tremendously:

1. Decide And Commit To What You Want

In order to grow a successful business and have the lifestyle you want, you need first to decide what is that you want.

This means that you need to know yourself very well: what are your gifts, what is your passion, what makes you joyful.

You need to take a solid decision: I want to be a coach, I want to do healing, I want to be a blogger, etc.

I want to be making 5k in 3 months, and 10k in 6 months, and 25k in a year.

You need to be very specific: what is the amount of money you want to make, who are your soulmate clients and where are them, how many clients do you want to work with, etc.

And then, you need to fully believe you can, and commit to it. I mean, fully. Not 50%, not 85%, not 99%: I mean you need to go the whole 100%.

You cannot be in a mindset of “let’s see if this works”, or “I’m not sure about it”, because what will happen is that is exactly the energy you are going to attract back to you: clients that are not sure about working with you, that don’t fully commit to you, and are a pain in the a** to work with.

Because we live in a YOU first Universe. So, if you want to have a joyful business working with your soulmate clients that are ready to commit to you, you need to commit to yourself first.

Decide what you want and commit to it 100%.

This doesn’t mean that your business cannot evolve and grow (and it will) and you decide to make changes, but those changes will come from expansion, not fear.

2. Have A Mentor

Having self-awareness and being conscious about where we are at, and which blocks are preventing us from growing our business further is a necessity, but having a mentor is even better.

A mentor is someone who has “been there, done that”, and knows exactly where you are at, what your blocks are and can help you shift your energy quickly (which otherwise would take months or years to do).

They’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear and very often cut through the bullshit beliefs and go straight to the core of your desires.

This can save you many headaches and make you advance further to where you need to be.

3. An Entrepreneurial Environment

In order to grow a successful business you need to surround yourself with the lifestyle you love.

This is not a question of “when I have a successful business I’ll then make this and that”, this is a question of doing it now!

So, for example, if you are a morning person, get up in the morning and take advantage of your energy to do the things you feel called to do and enjoy.

Go to the places you want, buy the things that make you feel great, eat the food you enjoy, surround yourself with people that support your business goals.

Have a beautiful space in your house to work on your laptop.

Create an environment where you can thrive!

4. Stay in Alignment

Nothing is as soul crushing to an aspiring entrepreneur that getting out of alignment with what they truly want and believe.

This means that staying in alignment with your core values and goals is THE priority at all times.

This also means saying no to whatever and whoever makes you feel bad: to clients that want you to lower your rates, to clients that want you to do work you don’t want to do, or commit to work in a way you don’t like, etc.

You need to stay in touch with how you feel at all times. How you feel is your internal guiding system that will work through your intuition (aka gut feeling) and is there to guide you.

Do not ignore it. If something feels off, it’s because it is not in alignment with your truth and you can say no at all times.

After all, it is YOUR business and YOUR life, you make the rules!

Also, when you say no to something or someone who is not aligned with you, you are coming from a mindset of abundance and self-love.

You know that you are closing the door to something that doesn’t make you feel good, and so opening 10 other doors for the Universe to bring you things and people that are truly aligned with you.

5. Focus on What You Enjoy and Delegate The Rest

Having a successful business and being an entrepreneur is not just about doing the work you love, it involves many other things such as dealing with marketing, finances, creating a website, etc, etc.

Instead of wanting to do everything yourself, and especially the things you don’t really enjoy doing, focus on what you do best and delegate/outsource the other things to other people.

The things you do not enjoy are other people’s joy and purpose, so you are also giving them an opportunity to thrive in their own businesses.

And you’ll have peace of mind knowing that those things you do not enjoy are being well taken care of, and you can focus your energy on what you do best, instead of exhausting and frustrate yourself.

6. Have Time Away From The Business

Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT need to hustle 24/7 or work hard in order to have a successful business.

You need to work joyfully and in a higher vibration, acting from inspired guidance.

Your well-being comes first at all times, and you need to take care of yourself first.

Forcing things, pushing and pushing and working till exhaustion will only make you feel frustated and resentful. And those negative emotions create a wholeful lot of resistance, because you are not allowing and giving the space for the Universe to co-create with you.

Take some time daily to do things to take care of yourself: go for a walk, to the gym, to the spa, enjoy a meal with a friend or on your own, take a nap, watch your favourite TV show, etc.

Focusing on your well-being will allow you to flow in your life, which is the basis of creativity and creation.

And, very often, the best ideas for your business come when you are not working!

7. Join a Community of Like-Minded Mom Entrepreneurs

It’s key to surround yourself with people in your personal life that completely support your vision and your entrepreneurial goals.

But, sometimes is also good to connect with other like-minded people outside family and friends.

Other mom entrepreneurs that are on a similar journey than you and where you can connect, exchange ideas, ask questions, help others, etc.

You can join social media communities, or you can join a local offline entrepreneurial community if you prefer.

The goal is to surround yourself with other people that are also driven and focused, and with a high energy. It is contagious! 🙂

8. Do Not Compare Yourself With Anyone

You can have other mom entrepreneurs that you admire and follow on social media, that are having successful businesses, but do not for any instant, compare yourself to them.

Especially when you don’t know how long they have been growing their businesses (very often for many and many years), and if you compare yourself and feel frustrated because “you are not there yet”, it will just make your energy drop completely.

There’s this saying: “don’t compare your chapter 1 to another person’s chapter 10”, and I totally agree.

The right approach is to let these people inspire you, to give you tips that you can apply (if they resonate with you), and let them help you stay in alignment with your own vision.

When we find these people we admire, usually is because what they are doing is aligned with the vision we also have, so that means that it is totally possible for you to achieve a successful business.

But, it doesn’t mean you have to do exactly the same they do, or be in a different place than you are now. You are where you should be at all times, and you need to honour that.

Over to You

I would love to hear what you have to say, or any experiences you want to share in developing your own business!

Leave a comment in the comments box below. 🙂


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