How To Search The Right Keywords for Pinterest

Pinterest is a very social media channel simply because it is in fact a visual search engine.

It works in a very similar way to Google in the sense that has its own algorithm, and your pins, boards and overall profile need to have the right keywords in order to be indexed and rank well, so people find you when they are doing searches on Pinterest.

That’s why having the right keywords is key to your success on Pinterest. 

Needless to say that your website should have the right keywords too, in order to ranking well with Google search engine.

The good thing with Pinterest is that for one landins page, product or blog post you can create as many pins you want and pin on a daily basis with different titles, descriptions and keywords.

So, how to find the popular keywords in order to use in your pins and boards?

Easy peazy. This is something so simple!

You just go on the search bar on your Pinterest profile at the top of your screen and write the keyword you want to find about.

For example, let’s say you want to search popular keywords related to money.

You write “money” on the search bar and Pinterest will show you a drop down menu of keyword suggestions that are basically the most search for keywords on the channel:

With this method you can find popular keywords like “money saving tips” or “money management” that you can add to your pins and boards related to money.

Make sure you selected “All Pins” when doing the search.

If you are a Blogger or have a blog on your website, this can also give you ideas of blog posts to write that are going to be popular on Pinterest.

Another example:

You can find all the popular keywords related to cake. Make sure you add the right keywords to your pins and boards.

Another thing you can do with these keywords is create different boards with them.

For example if you have a cake business, you can have a board named “Cake Decorating Ideas”, or another board named ” Cake Designs”.

Hope this helps and let’s start searching the right keywords for you!