Instagram is nowadays a powerhouse tool to reach and communicate with your audience and potential clients.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might wonder how do you promote your services or products without being salesy or pushy.

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. You HAVE to promote them.

By promoting your stuff, you’re telling the world about your unique gifts and how you can help people with them. The right people will show up to buy from you, but you need to shout out to the Universe first.

The key to promote on Instagram (or any social media channel) is to focus on being of service.

Focus on the VALUE of your unique gifts, in the form of your services and/or products.

You want to communicate that value in every single piece of content you share on Instagram, so people get to know you and trust you.

It’s then from that place of resonating with you and trusting you, that people will feel called to buy from you. THIS is how social media works.

The emphasis needs to be on: communication, engagement, connection. With an open heart.

So, in this FREE guide, I’ll tell you several ways you can promote your services or products on Instagram, whilst at the same time adding value to your audience and making them click and know more about you and your stuff.

This free guide is not about advertising or promoting posts. It’s all about promoting and growing organically, every day engagement work.


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